You may be thinking about moving soon and just the thought of all that there is to do can definitely make you more stressed out than you could ever imagine. There are many reasons why people come away from a move either feeling flustered as well as there are those who get to their new home and realize that they have forgotten quite a few things back at the old house.

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In short, Murphy’s Law is a very big part of moving and it could very well happen if you do not adhere to the following moving suggestions and techniques that would result in a smooth transition to your new home.

One of the first rules is as with everything else in life is to have a game plan. The art of moving has so many levels attached to it that you need to ensure that you have a “to do” checklist so that you can check off the things that you have done and get an idea of what is left to do.

You will also be making your move a bit easier especially on your wallets if you were to budget your expenses in advance. Moving can be a bit expensive and so it is always wise to put aside a set amount of money each month prior to the months leading up to moving day. Remember to include everything from travel cost to insurance, of course, your living expenses and not to mention the cash that you would also need to turn on your utilities and other services at the new home.

And speaking about utilities, ensure that you notify the electric company as well as the phone, cable and Internet company about your plans to move way ahead in advance. By doing this you are making sure that they can disconnect the services in time to get them over to your new place before you move in. You should also take this time to notify the post office about your change of address as well as to inform your physician of your intended move so that they can prepare updated medical records for you.

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Make sure you have all your moving basis covered in terms of mover’s insurance. True, there are some moving companies that would ensure your items but you have to figure out if their insurance coverage is right for you. There are some that provide partial coverage; if you seek a full coverage then you can shop around and see if you can locate one that would make it worthwhile.

Finally, it is so easy to launch into a panic attack when you are overwhelmed with what there is to be done when moving especially when one arrives at the task of packing. In order to conquer the fear of packing, it should also be done well in advance to allow time for sorting, throwing away or selling items, packing room by room before sealing and labeling. Once you have accomplished all the aforementioned, you can approach moving day with a broad smile on your face.