If you have a hot tub you may not be in too much of a hurry to try to move it because just as you may have anticipated, hot tubs are indeed a strenuous item to relocate. But if you have help from a few friends coupled with the right tools and equipment you would be able to get this moving project going without any problems. To move a hot tub you would need an appliance dolly, tow straps, 4×4 lumber, and two four-wheeled furniture dollies, the latter which would be useful for transporting the items on flat surfaces.

moving hot tub

One of the first things that you must do before moving the tub is to unplug it. You want to cut off all the electricity from the tub as well as the gas and release any other connections. Once you have the cords in hand you should wrap them up in a neat fashion and secure them neatly in the wooden enclosure so that they would not come undone. Next check the motor to see that it is in place and more importantly ensure that the tub is void of water and dry. The drain cap should also be tightly secured so that when you turn the tub on its side to move it, you would not end up losing the cap while you are at it.

Make sure that you and your friends are positioned on each side of the hot tub as you then turn in over to place the lifted end on a 4×4 sheet of lumber. The lumber should also be placed on the other side of the tub as well. You can easily move the tub now when you place the furniture dollies under the hot tub as you move along the flat surface.

the moving tub

If along the way you encounter stairs, then you would have to attach the appliance dolly and the tow straps as well. You can easily place the dollies on the front end of the tub when you turn the tub on the backside. If you don’t own a dolly with straps, then it would be wise if you were to rent one that has one since the straps help to keep the hot tub in place especially when it is being transported.

When you get to your destination with the hot tub and you are ready to move it to ground level, then you simply remove the dollies carefully and then bring it down slowly to ground level. You want to move it slowly so as to avoid any chance of a crack should it hit the ground too hard and too fast. Holding the corners firmly would guarantee a gentle landing to the ground’s surface. To further ensure that the hot tub is protected then don’t be in a hurry to remove the lumber that is affixed to the corners of the tub. Finally when moving the hot tub, carefully lift each corner as you remove the lumber one by one so as to gently slide the sheets out.