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Secure Moving and Storage has been helping businesses relocate for over 35 years.  Our teams help eliminate downtime, while reaching a budget.  Our office helps coordinate, from creating a plan that makes sense, to training your key employees how to prepare.  Come experience why we have been the trusted office movers for small corporations, to fortune 500 Companies. 

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Our Services

office movers

Office Moving

Relocate your business efficiently using our state of the art methods. Our teams are fast, careful, and courteous, but most important, affordable. Place your trust in a Company who understands the importance of business downtime, and knows how to minimize it.

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warehouse movers

Warehouse Movers

From pallets to racking, and everything in between, we move it.  We can even arrange for permits for racking if needed, and bolt to the floor.  Your one-stop place for warehouse moving needs.

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cubicle movers

Cubicle Movers

We are professional cubicle movers, installers, and configuration experts.  Every make and model, we do it!  Have electricity in them?  Don’t worry, we will handle that too.  Your one-stop resource for workstation needs, from 1 unit to 500 and beyond.

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heavy equipment movers

Rigging and Heavy Equipment Moving

From drill presses to lathes, and everything in between, our teams have the knowledge to get it moved safely.  We excel where others fail when it comes to moving heavy equipment.

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inventory control


Our philosophy is simple. We move you on time, within budget, and eliminate downtime for your business. This starts with our Certified Project Coordinators visiting your business to get an understanding of your needs, this will be your point of contact throughout the move. From there, we will create a plan to move each department as you specify, so you can stay running at an optimal level. After that we offer free training to your staff, teaching them how to pack and prepare for the move date. You will receive a complete timeline explaining how many professionals will be involved, the number of hours, and if necessary, how many days to move.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Office Moving
  • Warehouse Moving

  • Cubicle Moving

  • Library Moving

  • Heavy Equipment Moving/Rigging

  • Hospital Moving

  • Internal Moving

  • Inventory Control

  • Much, Much More!

warehouse moving


How far in advance should I plan our business move?2019-08-17T18:55:13-04:00

Some larger businesses begin preparing for a move as far as a year in advance. While this is not for everyone, it is a good idea to plan as soon as you know you are moving, even if it is just creating a plan on paper. There may be insurance documents that need to be submitted to buildings, PO’s to generate, and board meetings that have to approve the process. It is best to contact Secure Moving and Storage as soon as you know you are moving so we can help create a timeline.
If your move is last minute, don’t fret. We can still help! Our teams are ready to assist, and our move planners will work diligent to get you prepared in time.

What days and hours do office movers work? Is there an after hours charge?2019-08-17T18:20:37-04:00

Many businesses prefer to move after hours or weekends to eliminate downtime.  Some buildings will not allow moving during the day, making evening moves mandatory.  We at Secure Moving and Storage realize this so our hours are 24/7.  We do not charge extra for this but it is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We urge you to contact us in advance so we can ensure to have the date and crew reserved for you.

What areas do you service?2019-08-17T18:14:17-04:00

Our primary area is South Florida.  This is primarily Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties.  If you need to move to other areas, we can handle this as well.

We have no idea where to begin. Can Secure Moving and Storage help?2019-08-17T18:16:31-04:00

Absolutely!  The first step is an evaluation of your needs.  From there, we can create a plan of execution that you agree to.  Our move planners will train your key employees how to prepare, arrange to get boxes or e-crates to you, and assist with a timeline.  We make moving a business simple!

How much does it cost to move an office?2019-08-17T18:17:05-04:00

There are several variables that come into play when moving an office.  Some of these are the distance between locations, if there is an elevator or stairs, and the walking distance to the truck.  A small office could only cost $300 to move while a large office could cost $10,000.  The best way to get accurate numbers is to schedule a consultation with one of our certified move planners.  This will not only give you a guaranteed price, but also work a timeline for the move so you can plan downtime.

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Secure Office Movers has perfected the office moving experience. Not only do we provide solutions to make your move affordable, but we eliminate downtime for your business. This allows you to function at full capacity, even during the transition. Call us today to schedule a free consultation at (954) 772-8500. Our Certified Moving Consultants will help create a plan, and supply a free written estimate. Don’t trust your business with just any Mover. Secure Office Movers has equipment and procedures specifically geared for moving a business, and that separates us from the competition. See for yourself, give us a call now!

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