Professional Office and Warehouse Movers

Secure Moving and Storage holds 4 generations of commercial moving services expertise, being the office movers of choice by all of South Florida.  From internally moving furniture around, to relocating entire corporate headquarters, our teams have the experience, equipment, and unique approach to moving a business efficient and cost effective.

Our philosophy is simple.  We move you on time, within budget, and minimize downtime for your business.  This starts with creating a plan to move each department as you specify, so you can stay running at an optimal level.  After that we offer free training to your staff, teaching them how to pack and prepare for the move date.  You will receive a complete timeline explaining how many Professionals will be involved, the number of hours, and if necessary, how many days to move.

Why our Commercial Moving Services are different

Professional Business Move Planning

We begin by a certified project coordinator visiting your business to get an understanding of your needs.  This person is your point of contact throughout the entire moving process.  We will make sure you and your staff are handled properly from beginning to end, on time, and within budget, giving the best business moving services.

Your project coordinator also trains the key employees involved in your move.  They will teach how to prepare and pack your items, and understand what to expect during the move process.

Office and building protection

While moving, it is important to protect the walls and floors of both old and new locations.  This gives peace of mind and ensures your new office is in pristine condition when you begin to operate.  This is also one of the reasons our clients love us; there are no hitches to deal with.

Our teams can arrange to lay masonite down to cover the floors, and door guards to protect the tight areas.  We can cover as much or as little as needed.  Simply show your project planner what you need to protect, and let us handle the rest!

Full time, fully-trained, certified business moving crews

Our crews are hand-picked and known to be the elite to supply commercial moving services.  It is a privilege to work with Secure Moving and Storage and our men know this.  Only the best are sent out to represent us!  All of our men are true professionals at moving, installation, loading, packing, and everything in between.

The men go above and beyond just moving.  As Professional Movers, they take the stress away, and create an enjoyable atmosphere.  They will also make sure your location is left in pristine condition, no trash or debris left behind!  Finally, they will even broom sweep the floors if asked!

Eco-Friendly Movers

Secure Moving and Storage is eco-friendly!  We offer solutions for a boxless move, which is the fastest way to prepare for a business move and is cheaper than the traditional moving methods.  Yet another way our business moving services exceed in the industry.

We also offer e-crates, which are another eco friendly way to expedite the move, and get you back up and running in record time!

Cubicle Movers and Installers

Moving cubicles requires planning and a team of Professionals that have experience.  Each manufacturer has their own design and requires specific tools to take apart.  More important, if the cubicles are not taken apart properly the reassembly process could turn into a large project.  Perhaps the biggest part of planning is the arrangement of items at the destination.  If you plan to configure the cubicles in a different pattern than they were at the origin, additional hardware may be needed and have to be special ordered.  Let Secure Moving and Storage handle this.  We have the expertise, as well as the proper equipment to move your cubicles in minimal time.

Warehouse Moving

If you have a warehouse to move, don’t worry.  We offer complete warehouse moving services including moving racking and cantilevers, heavy machinery such as drill presses, etc…  and inventory control during the moving process.  Having helped hundreds of businesses move, we mastered the process.

Office Movers 33 Years

Office Movers Who Are:

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  • True Professionals

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