A few weeks before moving from your current location you may have a room full of boxes and just don’t know how to start filling them. It especially becomes complicated when you have a variety of box sizes; just what do you pack and in which box? It is times like these that you get to appreciate movers and the way they pack because packing is one of those jobs that must be done with great precision or else you would live to regret the way you pack on moving day.

If your time is limited and you have a lot of moving money to play around with then you should think about paying the few extra dollars for the moving company to send their employees out to pack up your household items. Without money on your side but a lot of time available, here are a few ways in which you can start getting those boxes filled up and ready for moving.

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As you commence your packing project keep in mind that sensible packing is what you are striving for. When it comes to boxes, moving gurus would tell you that bigger isn’t always necessarily better. Why you may ask? Because when you are packing items in a large box you tend to pack in more items than is allowed at times and this could cause the box to fall apart when lifted due to how heavy it is. Never underestimate the use of small and medium-size boxes. Small boxes are ideal for packing a kitchen, items such as photos that are yet to make it to the photo album, magazines, greeting cards, and even books. Your medium sized boxes, on the other hand, can be used for carrying the majority of your household items (evenly distributed of course) such as stuffed toys, clothing, shoes, etc.

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For packing items such as bedspreads, your linens, and draperies, they should all fit nicely in those large boxes that you may have. As you begin packing, make it a rule to always place the heavier items at the bottom of the box followed by the lighter items just so as not to damage your box. As you go along packing, you can pretty much mix the heavy with the light until your moving box is ready to be sealed. Try not to exceed 50 pounds in weight when you pack though since this can only mean the box is overweight which could eventually break when lifted. Finally, as you seal your boxes, be sure to use a generous amount of tape and reinforce with two to three layers of it just to be sure that all your items stay safely inside the box.