Corporate moves are a little bit trickier than that of household moves in that you have so much more heavy and valuable items to transport that if not done right, you can end up having a nervous breakdown on moving day.

The right approach to corporate moving begins with a well sorted out plan that can definitely ease the pain of stress and worry. Getting dimensions for the new office is the name of the game. It helps you map out where your old furniture and equipment would go as well as where to group the workstations for your employees. Write the name of each employee indicating where each workstation should go and follow that up by labeling all office furniture such as chairs, cabinets and desks with the employees name as well. Give the movers a copy of the new layout plan; the movers would know where the furniture should go.

Corporate Moving

Even before the movers come along, have each employee remove the contents from their desk drawers and shelves, even bookcases etc. If you have a filing cabinet stacked with important documents then you should leave everything as is and secure the locks on the cabinet. Disconnect the computers in the office when moving day comes as well as package them in a sturdy box. If you have vending machines you need to empty them out before moving as well as to empty the ink and other liquids from the photocopying machines.

By the time you start putting things together at your office to be able to move, you would notice that you have accumulated lots of garbage and waste. Be sure to dispose of them carefully at your company’s dumpster. If there isn’t a waste container then request one from your local authorities. Also put aside a few plastic containers that would store recycled items that you intend to throw out. Make sure that you have your broadband internet connections, electricity and phones all transferred and set up before moving. That way you can resume business as soon as possible. Finally don’t forget to inform your clients about your move. This can be done by sending out “We Have Moved” letters to all of your clients.