When you are thinking about moving, you may more than likely find yourself concentrating more on the physical aspects of moving as it pertains to getting you’re your household items moved to the new location. But are you aware that there are consumer rights for even those who are moving? There are companies such as the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) where you can get detailed documentation which would outline the aspect of your move both before and after the move. Even if you have a few complaints to make or you want to get more information about a moving company, the FMCSA would have the information that you need.

moving rules

The FMCSA wants to make sure that you cover all your bases before you move. You can start by following one of their suggestions which is to get your moving company to provide you with a written estimate rather than it being verbal. A written estimate would definitely go a long way should the moving company re-neg on the deal and you have to seek justice through the courts.

FMCSA also states that the mover is supposed to allow you to see the weighing process of your household items should you request for them to do so. Even if they weigh your items and you are not comfortable with the price you are quoted, then you are within your rights to ask them to weigh it again.

When it comes to binding and non-binding estimates, you also have control over what you pay as well. According to FMCSA binding estimates should not cost more than 100 percent more than what the amount has stated while with the non-binding estimate you should only pay 110 percent of the fee that is presented to you by the moving company. Any company that wants you to pay more than the aforementioned plus wants to hold your items ransom , they would be violating federal regulations.

Receiving estimates over the phone while convenient, it can really set you up for a fall in the end, especially if the person quoting the price is the broker and not a representative from the moving company. When calling the movers make sure that you not only make a note of the estimate but also get the name of the person that is giving it to you as well. You are ensuring to cover your bases because it is quite easy for the broker to give you a subtle estimate so that you can choose a particular mover only to have those prices catapult by the time talk to the moving company.