As much as you find the thought of leaving behind treasured memories to settle down in a new place unpleasant, so do your children. As a matter of fact, their sensitive natures take longer to reconcile to change. Maybe you could take note of the following suggestions to make things a bit easier for your children?

(1) Their personal rooms are their favorite places; so you could get together to put up some special decorations. If the new bedrooms seem very similar to the ones left behind, your children will not feel so left out.

(2) Wherever you go, your children’s education takes top priority. So, take them along for enrollment into whichever school you choose. They can get a chance to interact with teachers and new classmates.

(3) But there is something that you can do before you actually even settle upon a particular school. Have a talk with each child. There are certain questions for which you must seek answers—what did you like best in your old school? What were the things that you disliked? What did your core curriculum courses cover during this particular year? What activities and sports would you desire to continue at the new school? What if the new school proves to be bigger/smaller than your old school?

(4) Once you are through talking with your children, it becomes easier to select a particular school. Of course, it might not be exactly the same as their old school, but the nearest in atmosphere and curriculum will also do.

(5) If they wish to, they can come with you to take a personal tour of the school. In the process, let them understand what they can expect at this place.

(6) It is also important to point out obstacles that might come in the way of progress.

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(7) In case special and interesting programs are available (during school hours and after school hours), let your children become a part of them. These could include gymnastics, Scouts, library programs, piano lessons and membership in certain school clubs. They will find it easy to make friends then.

(8) Your children must not feel out of place; so they must emulate the dressing styles visible at the new school. Thus, the tag of “new kids on the block” will not be attached to them!

(9) What about extending a hand of friendship towards other parents? If their children have similar interests, your children will love being with them!

(10) Some time must be spared for exploring the new place. There will be parks, skating rinks, restaurants, and malls to visit!

(11) Encourage your children to take photographs of your new residence. Let them write or call up old friends and family members left behind. These pictures can be sent over to them too.

(12) Most important of all, be there for your children. Let them feel free to share their feelings about the move. Your support will make all the difference in helping them to adapt to changing circumstances. After all, this is what life is all about!