Although there are all sorts of things that you can bring with you on your move to a new home you should be aware of some things that cannot be brought with you. These items are important ones to watch for in that they are ones that should not be packed in any way possible. Here are some things that you should not bring with you.

Flammable items should not be packaged. This is because of how they are illegal to transport due to the great dangers that come with them. These items include chemicals like gasoline that you might use in your garage. Flammable items can easily cause other items in a moving van to be destroyed if they catch on fire. Any materials that you have that contain gasoline and other flammable items, including lawnmowers and even vehicles, should be drained so that they have no materials in them that can catch on fire.

Explosive items cannot be transported either. One of the best examples to watch for involves fireworks. Fireworks cannot be transported due to the extreme risk that they can have on other things if they go off. In many cases certain types of fireworks can’t even go through state lines depending on the route that is being taken for moving. You will need to dispose of and disarm any unused fireworks you have before moving in a safe spot where they will not harm anyone.

If you have any guns or other hunting items to move with you it will help to be sure that you are not bringing anything that can explode. You should not pack any ammunition into any boxes. You should also be sure that your guns are cleaned out so that they will not be likely to go off and cause a potential explosion from something being fired upon.

Various different types of chemicals cannot be transported when moving. This comes from how these items can create severe risks to other items if they leak or can create fumes that can be very harmful. For instance, acid and liquid bleach items cannot be packed. Anything that can cause corrosion of materials is also banned from being shipped by a moving company.

Many different outdoor activity items should not be transported either. Charcoal cannot be packed due to the flammability of the material. Matches that work for outdoor grills or other outdoor materials cannot be packed either. Other outdoor materials that you cannot move include propane, weed killing chemicals, kerosene and fertilizer. Besides, you can buy these things again at the new place that you live at.

If you have any of these items you will need to be sure that you get rid of them in all of the right places. It helps to talk with a local fire department for details on how to get rid of harmful materials. You should also consult your local Environmental Protection Agency office for details on how you can safely dispose of certain materials.

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