There, you have finally sold your current residence and are planning to relocate! Well, the time period between your moving out and the new owners moving in might be short or long, but there are a great many things to accomplish in the meantime. You have to ensure that your family members (young and old), plants, pets, and household goods are all transported safely and comfortably to the new place.

Here are a few tips to help you get things done in a systemic manner so that there are no last-minute worries and problems. In fact, you can start “planning and working” the minute your house goes up for sale before the general public!

(1) Begin with “sorting out”. Go through each room systematically, including the basement and garage. What would you like to keep, what can be discarded?

(2) There will be stuff that is not in use at present, but you would love to retain nevertheless. Well, why not pack them up in suitable boxes and label the containers? Keep a list of the contents too. With them out of the way, you have finished one task!

(3) Before you begin packing, you will have to get boxes ready (you might even need to purchase extra ones), wrapping papers, plastics, tape, stickers, red markers, etc. The red is for the handle-with-care boxes.

(4) If the items to be thrown away are in good condition, why not push them off to a garage or a yard sale? If you are so inclined, you can even donate them to charity.

(5) Check out every single closet, remove what is inside, and give the cupboards a good cleaning.

(6) You could even plan on the budget to be set aside for moving day, plus other expenses that you might incur. Who knows, some expenditure might come under tax deduction too?

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You cannot do much more than what is mentioned above, because you have to wait for someone to actually purchase the house and decide on a moving date. Once the deal is through, then, of course, the new owners and you reach an understanding about how much longer you can stay at your current residence.

Let us assume that your house has been finally sold, and a date for relocating has been decided upon. Here is what you have to do—

(1) In the case that you are bent upon handling everything from packing to transportation yourself, then check out various trucking companies and get a comparison of estimates. When you have made a choice regarding your mover, then reserve a truck.

(2) Even if you are hiring a moving company, get a comparison of prices before you select anyone. Check out the services offered by each. When fully satisfied, then decide on a date and book your movers.

Thus, with good organization, everything is bound to go through smoothly!