You may not think an office move is great way to save your business money. After all, you have to pay for construction and build-out on a new space, buy new furniture, purchase new telecom equipment, hire movers, and more. All of that costs money, and it tends to add up to quite a large sum. Despite the initial and sometimes daunting expenses, if your office move is done wisely, your business will actually save money in the long run. And here are five reasons why:

  • Right now commercial property is much less expensive than it has been in previous years, so if you are currently sitting on a ten or seven year lease, it is very likely that you can get less expensive lease if you move into a new office space. This adds up to huge overhead savings!
  • Not only can you get a less expensive space due to lower costs, but you can actually reduce your spending simply by reducing your square footage requirement. With modern space planning innovations, businesses can fit into much smaller spaces-simply be designing smarter spaces! Talk with a space planner to find out how much square footage you could save, and you’ll cut down your real estate cost immensely.

  • Another space saving tip that will in turn reduce your overhead spending is reworking the operations of your business. Considering modern technology, a lot of employees can do their work from home, in a coffee shop, or wherever they have an internet connection. If your business can accommodate this type of working style, you should! Employees will appreciate the flexibility, and you’ll appreciate the freed up office space.
  • Now more than ever you can cut down your costs through a “green” office move. Look into leasing a LEED certified building to cut down on energy costs or commit to utilizing used or refurbished furniture throughout your office. These small adjustments will not only reduce your company’s carbon footprint (impressing your clientele), but it will also reduce your overall expenses!
  • This last point does not so much save you money as it does make you money, but an office move is an ideal opportunity to reinvigorate your staff. If you implement employee feedback in the design or create an innovative space that energizes staff or simply arrange for employee discounts at local lunch spots, your staff will respond positively to the office move. They will be more excited to come into work and actually become more productive employees. Simply boosting staff morale will help boost your business as well!

If you plan your office move well, your business will have a huge overall improvement. You will reduce your overhead and up your productivity. To do it right, give yourself plenty of time to plan and start talking to office relocation experts early in the process. The earlier you start, the easier it is to save!

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